Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Relief for the Skipper, Good movie and Enjoying life

Finally, no boot or cast.
Today the Skipper and I went to yet another specialist about his Achilles tendon. 

It seems like he's either been in a cast or restrictive boot for weeks and weeks .. but, it's only been just over 6 weeks actually!  Plenty has happened since that soccer game on the island of Nimoa.   Not one that's used to being sick or injured, in any way, he was getting incredibly grumpy and sorry for himself - more so every day.  Which was driving me to the point of not being able to be any kind of "nice".   He hasn't been able to drive since arriving back on shore meaning I'm the driver, grocery shopper, dog walker and chauffeur all day every day.  So, as I drove him to his 8am appointment this morning, we were both in a state of high expectation and apprehension.  This doctor just had to say he had mended and could start to move his right foot again!

Luckily that's what happened.  The doc said he could take the boot off now for extended periods (which, in reality, he was pretty much already doing); he could start to drive if he practised making sure he could step on the breaks hard; and he could sail remembering that ladders and climbing on masts etc. should be done with much care.  George will see a physio tomorrow and, hopefully, he will be well on the way to a full recovery before the end of the year.  Hooray!

Good Movie
Last Friday it was cool and rainy and I couldn't face staying in the house with Mr Grump so I suggested we go see a movie.  I've been wanting to see 'The Butler' since reading about it months ago and it was playing at the only cinema George will go to at just the perfect early afternoon time.  So I won the "discussion" and off we went.

I had an idea of what the film was about but it was so much more.  As expected it tracked the life of a man who was butler to American Presidents starting with Eisenhower and ending with Reagan.  What I didn't expect was an account of the shocking treatment of black people in America and the struggle to equal rights through the second half of the 20th century.  Coming from Atlanta Georgia and growing up through that time I was witness to the struggles and hatred and the slow change of behaviour - and even slower changes of thought - first hand.   I found the film surprisingly powerful and moving.  I recommend anyone to see it especially people in places outside of the USA .. its a good look at how far the US has (apparently) moved I the past 60 years.   And its also worthwhile just to see John Cusack and Alan Rickman play Nixon and Reagan respectively ... they do it well!

Enjoying Life

Molly with the new ball we bought today .. and newly planted flowers in pots!
I'm still utterly enjoying being back at home.  The shops, driving my car, the birds, being able to watch the ABC TV programs I love - all are still special after life on the boat. 

Still nothing escapes the gratitude I/we feel since experiencing how those lovely people of the Louisiade Islands live their life.  Just this morning, as we were walking through the shopping centre on the way to the doctor, George turned to me and said, "can you imagine if we brought the Louisiade people here how they would feel ... it would be like landing on another planet".  It will take a long time for those smiling faces to leave our thoughts - I hope never, ever.

Molly - with the shits - after I tried to pose her with the ball.
 I love it when she makes a point by turning her back.  Funny.

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