Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Spring is Here!

We have a profusion of Clivia blooms all around our backyard.
Not much makes me feel as good as a change in season .. especially when its a change to warmer weather!  I can't take the cold.  Not that it gets particularly cold here in Sydney but, for some reason, the cold just gets me.  It seeps into my bones and I can never ever seem to get warm.  Snake-like, I have to have heat to feel alive.

Fantastic, huge Azalea bush on our walk yesterday.
Well heat is what I got .. it was 33C yesterday and 30 the day before .. the hottest 2 days on record for Sydney in September.  I think it's going to be a long very hot summer.

Our repugnant Prime Minister, Tony Abbott in his blinkered vision, has done everything in his and his government's power to derail, defund, denigrate and destroy Australia's renewable energy programs.  Backed by the mining industry plutocrats who wish to keep coal as the mainstay of the economy they have made a point - both locally and internationally - to deny climate change.  Just today the Bureau of Meteorology released a report stating 2013 was the hottest year on record for Australia since records began in 1910.  And the Climate Council said that this year's bush fire season will be more intense and last longer than previous.  So, Tony, no problem here.  With the slash and burn of open coal mines there won't be anything left to burn!

Anyway, it's going to get hot.  Meanwhile - or until it gets unbearable one day after the other - I'm enjoying it to the fullest!

The weather also is making me get over myself and get out and DO something.  Over the 3-4 months since the foot operation I've gained over 4 kilos sitting on my butt.  When the boot came off I've talked about going to the gym but, frankly, haven't managed anything but talk.  Even the walks to Lane Cove with Molly have been sparse because my foot continues to hurt. 

Except this morning I finally got moving!  I went to the Lane Cove pool and did an hour session of Aqua-Aerobics!  Now, to be honest, I've always looked down a bit at the AA class as I pass the "older" ladies bouncing up and down in the pool on the way to my gym to lift weights.  George kept telling me I should give the AA classes a try because the water would take a lot of the pressure off my foot and make exercising easier.  With the continuing pain in my foot I decided to give it a try and I'm here to say it's harder than it looks!  Now there's a lesson in being judgemental .. once I got down in the pool with everyone else it was obvious only a small percentage of the "bouncers" were older.  There were a lot of young women doing the same and it was fun and a good workout.

We're spending a lot more time on the boat since the weather has warmed up.  I know George would like to move on the boat when it's so lovely outside.  The house is going to hell - the grass is full of weeds and growing up the fences, the pavers in the back haven't been cleaned in over a year and the lemon tree (which makes the BEST lemons) has half died - but the boat always comes first!  We were in bad need of a new dingy.  Our old one was over 12 years old with several leaks - our feet were always wet - plus the PVC had gone sticky from our extended tropical trip last year.  So, of course, we now have a new dingy.  House be damned.  It is excellent and Molly likes it too.

Tomorrow more Aqua-Aerobics - maybe.  Oh, and I've also gone 3 whole days without a glass of wine!!!  One more day to go this week.  As part of my "weight loss strategy" I'm taking my wine and potato chip consumption back to 3 days a week.  It's been relatively easy so far this week but more time on the boat and I may buckle.