Thursday, 28 November 2013

HOME! (getting settled and clean, clean, clean)

Good to be home surrounded by familiar things and lovely Miss Molly.
Leaving Southern Belle on Saturday morning was sad ... for me ... outwardly.  Not sure how the Captain really felt but the whole morning but he was very quiet and a tad grumpy.  Considering we've spent the past 6 months living cheek to jowl on a 40ft boat, I know he was feeling more or less sad and worried and disappointed at leaving the boat in the Rosslyn Bay marina.  It couldn't be helped due to his foot but that didn't make walking/limping away any easier.  We checked and re-checked the mooring lines and did all we could to make sure she was as safe and secure as possible.  Walking down the marina I kept looking back, saying to myself, "stay safe".  George didn't look back.  He's Scottish ... not outwardly sentimental.  I tend to over compensate for his inscrutable emotions.

The trip home took almost all day.  Buses, taxis, 2 planes and we were finally back home in Sydney!  The traffic, the people and the sheer size of the place was certainly something different.  Over the past weeks, as I got more and more excited about going home, George's typical reply was, "why do you want to go back to sit in traffic jams!"  No question he wants to stay forever on the boat .. it's such a carefree existence.  Me, I don't mind traffic and I want more ... period.  This disparity between our living ideals could be a concern, not sure - hope not, we'll need to see how it plays out in the future.

As the taxi pulled away leaving us standing on the edge of the driveway I couldn't help but relish the scene.  The huge maple tree in the front had lost all it's leaves when I left in June and now it was lush, shading the yard and the front of the house just right, the way I remembered.  The yard was tidy and everything certainly looked in place and in order. 

One thing though, Molly wasn't barking her head off like she usually does when she hears a strange car pull up.  We both realised it at the same time and started calling her name simultaneously.   Then, there she was, walking around the edge of the back porch with the most confused look.   Molly didn't bark or cry or go crazy like I thought she would.  She just quietly walked up to the open gate looking at us then, as we both hugged and loved her, she started to cry excitedly.  I joined in, it was so good to see our dog again!

The past few days here at home have been so good.  Molly doesn't venture very far away from us.  Unlike other dogs she hasn't tried to punish our absence.  On the contrary, I think if she could wrap herself around us we wouldn't be able to peel her off.  Even at night, she either sleeps with us or on the floor next to George - sweet.

The parrots have come to welcome us.  I asked Stephanie if they fed them while we were gone and she can only remember doing it once.  I wonder if they saw us back and thought, "great, they're back, time for free seeds!"

I've completely lost my mind and descended deep into a cleaning frenzy.  It's not that the house was particularly dirty.  Steph did a great job.  It's just that while living day to day you gravitate towards taking it all for granted often not seeing what needs to be done.   Believe me, coming from looking at the same 40ft of boat for the past 6 months I can see EVERYTHING that needs attention!  I just about asphyxiated myself with bleach and mould killer in both bathrooms over two days.  Honestly.  At one point I thought I'd done terminal lung damage.  Serious spring cleaning is now due to happen .. but I'm going to take it easy and do it over a few days/weeks.   The Captain has even been bitten by the bug, he was hobbling across the back porch cleaning windows this afternoon.

I love being home and can't wait to catch up with friends next week.  I wish - we both wish - Southern Belle was here, in Sydney, at her mooring.  But, hopefully, that will happen soon.

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