Sunday, 17 November 2013

George in Boot + Brian and Megan our good friends

George is fitted with his boot - Not Good.
I haven't blogged for a while .. sorry. I felt like I needed to wait for the prevailing mood to get better .. and it has, a bit, thank goodness.

Last week we went to the specialist in Rockhampton hoping that the skipper's tendon injury wasn't as bad as originally thought ... as we rode the 40 minutes or so there was a real feeling that things were going to take a favourable turn.  But, after 10 minutes with the specialist, this "up" feeling was quickly squashed as he told George surgery should have happened in Cairns and, unfortunately, now it was too late.  Scar tissue had already formed where there should be new growing tendon - and the fact that the Captain was walking on his cast hadn't helped matters.  We both sat in stunned silence as the doctor told George he may always have a lazy foot but - as long as he didn't want to be a runner - he could live with it just fine ... IF, he kept the foot in a special position for the next 7 weeks!  I think the seriousness of the injury finally sunk in.  Georgio was then sent to a physio to be fitted with a special boot which has risers in the heel to keep his foot at an angle allowing the tendon/scar tissue to attach.  At least he can walk on it - a bit - but because its uneven with his other foot it means going any short distance can be painful.

George was pretty depressed on the return trip from Rockhampton.  He's been on the boat since May 2 and does NOT want to leave her behind.  He was very quiet for a day or two and getting him to discuss the next steps was impossible.  But, as usual, he finally came around.

Now we're going home.  The skipper realises its just going to be too hard to try to keep the boat going south.  We'll leave the boat here in the marina until mid-December.  I'm glad - but I do wish we weren't going home under these circumstances.  We've moved in with Brian and Megan for the week with our flight to Sydney booked for Saturday.  I'll be in my home by 6pm next Saturday night!  Yippee!

Good Times with Good Friends

The upside of all this has certainly been the time we're spending with Brian and Megan.  Last night we drank the bottle of champagne I had set aside to be our "arriving back in Australia" celebratory bottle.  With all the running to the hospital and living with George's cast in Cairns we never had a chance to commemorate arriving back in Australia properly.  

We sat on M & B's front veranda taking in the view over the ranges and enjoying our Champers with nibbles!  I do feel sorry for people who don't, or can't, drink.  Because the simple pleasure of sharing good wine with friends is absolutely one of the finest - and less complicated - enjoyments I can think of!

The moon was full and we shared a howl or two.
The group "howl" was particularly funny.
This week ahead will be a busy one.  Megan, unfortunately, left for New Zealand today to take care of her mom who is having surgery next week so we won't see her again this trip.  The captain and I will clean the boat and take as much "stuff" off  as necessary.  Plus we have to be sure we secure the boat for the month with double mooring lines and plastic tubing to prevent any of the ropes rubbing through.  Brian has to be finished with the apartments he's building by the 30th of November and I'm hoping to help with some of the clean up work that Megan was doing. 

I can't wait to see Miss Molly, our dog, again .. soon.

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  1. I know you are eager for the puppy love!!!

    Hopefully George will realize now that when we get older it takes a bit more to heal and we don't heal as well as we did half a lifetime ago.

    But, it beats all hell out of the alternative!!!

    What a long fun trip it's been!