Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Excellent Days

We finally meet the wonderful Miss Lillian Adams!  I am in LOVE.
Today we finally met Lillian Adams.  She's 6 months old and, without a doubt, she stole my heart from the second we met.  I felt - feel - absolutely beguiled, bewitched, besotted and swept off my feet by this little happy person.

Pip, Kate and Lilli on the back porch.
Lilli is Pip (Phillip) and Kate's little girl.  I guess Pip is the closest George and I get to a "son" of our own.  We've known him since he was in his early teens ..  the son of our good friend Brian.  George, who is a quiet and reserved person - usually happy for people to come to him - has always called or found someway to get in touch with Pip as often as possible.  There is a big connection there they both embrace.

Pip is unique and multilayered.  A true individual.  Happy... a bit manic ... a hugger and lover.  Always the first to laugh and hug and make a joke.  Also, in his younger years, hopelessly attractive/attracted to women - and loving every minute.   He has a fabulous relaxed attitude to life.  Animals absolutely LOVE him .. and let's face it - They know!  Kate is the same.  They are gold people .. very special.

Which brings me to Lilli.  What a cool, in touch little person - already.  She loves dogs and the sound of Molly's incessant excited barking didn't scare her in the least. On the contrary, the more Molly got excited the more she laughed.  Lilli got me ... had me from the first smile.  It was weird, I found myself on the verge of both laughing and crying the whole time they were here - with delight and love.  Hopefully we will see a lot more of this little bundle of joy before she's all grown up.

George, Robert and Maggie last night after dinner.  Great to have them here.
Last night we had a visit from Robert Burns and his very lovely wife, Maggie.  We met Robert on the Louisiades Rally and became great friends.  He lives part of the year in Townsville and part in Borneo where Maggie comes from.  We had a terrific time at dinner, great conversation & company and so good to see them here in Sydney.  As we parted last night we promised to visit them in Malaysia in the near future (by plane, I'm not sailing there!).  So good to see the friendships we made during our epic adventure are staying firm!

A very busy Sydney fish market!
This morning we joined in with the Christmas Eve tradition of making our way through the crowds to the Sydney Fish Market.  I dragged George out of bed at 5am this morning thinking we could beat the crowds.  Unfortunately we didn't.  Leaving home at 5:15 we were nearly there by 5:30 but stuck in the jammed traffic until well after 6.  Luckily I had pre-booked our Christmas lunch order so I didn't have to stand in the lines waiting to just get into the outlet.  It's been so hot here we decided to only have seafood for lunch instead of the baked turkey and trimmings.  I'm sure the wait will be well worth it tomorrow with luscious chilled prawns (shrimp) and French Champagne!!!

On the way home we stopped at the dog park to give Molly a run and I found a new piece of (children's) entertainment at the back of the park.  Boy was it fun!!  I must have rolled on it a dozen times before George (spoil sport) made me get off.  So much fun!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!  Peace and Love and Goodwill to all!


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