Friday, 11 January 2013

Why don't most men listen?

Part of the joy of owning a beautiful boat is the not so lovely chore of keeping her bottom nice and clean.  It's mucky and dirty work.  Also this weekend is meant to be quite warm again so it will be HOT as well.  Plus, I'll be at the mercy of Mr G who can be a bit autocratic with "getting the job done".  

The boat came out of the water this afternoon.  Goodness I couldn't believe how furry she looked.   Mr G has put a diving tank on and scraped at the muck a couple of times while at our mooring  ..which you can see in the pics... but having the chance to look at the boat as a WHOLE it really showed how bad the growth had become.

There was drama in getting her in the boat lift.  The wind was blowing a bit too lively and they only wanted us to back the boat in to the sling.  Well, Miss Southern Belle doesn't like to back up -  especially in a cross wind. 

WHY DON'T MOST MEN LISTEN?   There's an eternal question...why don't they???  One of the guys driving the boat lift said to Mr G, "you'll need to back her in mate".  Mr G replied, "she doesn't back up that well".  I said, "do you want us to put some stern sheets on so it can be pulled in?".   He said, "just drive it in she'll be fine".  After Mr G had 4 good attempts at it the lift guy came on board to give it a go himself for about 5 luck.  Guess what?  We had 5 men on her with stern ropes by the end of the ordeal.  And, then she slid into place.  Later, over a beer at the bar, I asked Mr G that question.  He just gave me that, "I can't believe she's bringing this up" look and rolled his eyes.  Guess he doesn't know or doesn't want to share it with me.

All day tomorrow and Sunday we will be washing and scraping and painting and waxing and polishing.  Think of us.  There's always dues to pay to have a good time!  I'm not really complaining ... I'm grateful that we have our lovely Miss Southern Belle and I will do my time and try to enjoy the opportunity to do this together.... happily .... with a smile on my face. 

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