Saturday, 5 January 2013

It is HOT....and follow up

Australia is certainly living up to it's reputation for being the 'sun burnt country'.  Just about the whole continent of Australia - Tasmania included - is sweltering under 40 plus temps.  For my American friends that's over 100 Fahrenheit.  There are terrible bush fires in Tassie with over 85 homes lost so far. 

Sydney has been spared the worst - for now.   The climate change sceptics are no doubt sitting with their air conditioners pumping out 18 degree cold air and wondering what all the fuss is about.  Carbon - What Carbon?  Increasing temps?  Surely you can just turn up your air con!

Today, here at the house, the temperature topped 31C (88F) on the back porch in the shade.  But the afternoon sea breezes have kept the afternoon quite nice.  Perfect for sitting outside and doing very little.  We've had a very lazy Saturday.  Not much to tell really.  Planning a lite dinner of lentil salad with roasted beets and goats cheese washed down with a lovely, well chilled,  Hunter Valley Pinot Gris. 

Gender Pay follow up
Seems I wasn't the only person who noticed or took alarm at the news from yesterday regarding the gender pay divide.  There have been several articles in the news today.  One from the group Graduates Careers Australia who claim their data has been misrepresented, one from Anne Summers who went through a great deal of data of her own and one outlining the response from the PM.  This is certainly a serious subject and its good to see it sparked good response.  However, we're in a particularly quiet news cycle.  It will be interesting to see if the subject stays at the forefront once the year kicks in with the usual stuff.   Here are the articles if you'd like to read them....

Gender pay gap still a disgrace
PM concerned by gender pay

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