Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What a difference a day makes! and "Pi"

Molly and her favourite ball!
Soccer in the backyard now but yesterday it was too hot here in Lane Cove, fact it was too hot all over Australia!  There was no kicking the ball around the back yard, no going outside, and no happy looking dogs sitting on the grass.  It was certainly oppressive.  The temperature hit 42.5 C in the backyard and 34 C in the house.   We certainly feel extremely grateful that we were blessed to not experience the horror of the bush fires raging all over - 120 in New South Wales alone - or the loss of our home but geeezzz does it have to be this HOT?

I've never been much of a gardener.  To be honest, I've never been a gardener that does things.  I've always been the one to "suggest" that something needs to be done to Mr G - or when that strategy fails I've been the one to call in help.  When I was working, long after Mr G stopped taking "suggestions", I just had someone come to do everything in the garden once or twice a month.  It was easy then to admire our lawn & flowers with no effort expended.

Now that we are "retired" - as Mr G likes to point out at every available opportunity (usually when I have my credit card in hand and at the ready) - we have to do these things ourselves - by hand - in real time - expending energy.  So when yesterday's heat wave hit I was really worried about the things we had invested our time and energy into...the flowers, the tomato plants and the lawn.  Just 24 hours ago things looked like they were going to keel over a all is happy as you can see...


We had a heavenly southerly change come through last night about 2am which cooled things down to a very respectable 25 C today.  This is forecast to hold until Friday when it starts to heat up again with high temps again forecast for Sunday.  There is a "dome" of high heat sitting over the major part of the interior of Australia - imagine something the size of the entire mid-west of America, from Nevada to Tennessee - which is driving all this extreme heat.  Looks like we're getting the summer we haven't had for years now.

In order to escape the heat yesterday afternoon, Mr G and I went to see "Life of Pi" in 3D at the cinema.  It was terrific!!!  What an amazing and beautiful movie.  If you get a chance you must see this at the cinema and in 3D.  I think it even beat "Avatar" in being the best 3D movie I've ever seen.  I didn't read the book, I may yet.  The film poses a good questions and gives food for thought.  Highly recommended from our point of view.

Now...back to soccer with Molly Grant-Beckham!

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