Monday, 27 May 2013

Update of MY.........

As with anything that restricts you - as a person, as a worker, as a .. whoever - the world becomes smaller - less of everything is what you tend to get.  And so it is with me right now. 

The world has a way of defining itself - to me anyway right now - as MY.  Mainly because I'm limited by not being able to put any weight on my left foot so I get input, inspiration, information and indigestion from pretty much 4 rooms in this house and 2 telephones. 

So I thought I'd post an update of the world according to MY.  First up....

MY husband, Captain G......

Is still in the marina in Manly, Queensland and having, according to all phone calls, a wonderful time in the lovely QLD sunshine and on his beloved boat.   Manly has 4 marinas and is a huge city of boats stretching as far as you can see in many directions.

Manly marina sunrise
Looking out across a marina in Manly, Qld.  From Flickr.
He's met a few of the locals who live aboard, walked all over exploring the town of Manly, had some not so good meals at the local restaurants and is, per usual with boats, experiencing another breakdown of sorts. This time its the washing machine on board. 

Baby Nova 1000
We have the cutest little front loading machine which has been, up to now, a little workhorse quietly turning out remarkably clean clothes, towels and sheets in loads that are quite surprising due to its size.  The little drum has stopped turning.  Captain G has wrestled it out of  the little space it inhabits in the forward head (bathroom in the front cabin for the uninitiated) to check on its vital components but can't find the problem.  He's counting on our friend Pip to come over from North 'Straddie' to check the electronics tomorrow.  If that fails its an appliance repairman from the town who can, hopefully, get the cute little thing back to full health.  I'd hate to do the rest of the cruise without it!

MY foot and boot.........

Boot - with foot inside.
My foot is, I hope, getting better.  The HUGE amount of swelling has certainly gone way down and so has the yucky blue/black bruising.  I'm due to have an x-ray on Wednesday of this week and then see the specialist on Thursday.  Fingers crossed  the bones will have mended enough for me to start putting some weight on the foot and then I can start to walk without having to lean on crutches holding my foot up.  As soon as I can walk with some weight on the foot I'm OFF - back to the boat and the cruise and Captain G!

MY bag of necessities for moving from room to room.....

I am officially the BAG lady of Lane Cove!  This is how I manage to move from the 4 rooms I use in the house on crutches....with my trusty shopping bag around my neck.  Inside are the essentials of glasses, book, Samsung tablet, and 2 phones (home phone land line and mobile).  It works.  No more to tell.

MY dinner tray........

I've become very used to preparing my meals from the microwave thanks to a home delivery company called Gourmet Dinner Service.  I've got the routine down pat....take out tonight's menu from the freezer about 3pm.   Wait until 6pm when its wine-o-clock and enjoy a nice Pinot Gris with a few cheese crackers or chips.  And then, about 7 or 7:15, microwave on a plate and roll in the laundry basket to the sofa...And Enjoy!  Last night's dinner was a chicken enchilada with Mexican bean hotpot and brown rice.  I made a side of chopped tomato, cheese and avocado to go along with it...and some Weight Watchers sour cream as that extra special accent added to lift the meal to new heights!  Well, for take out, frozen, home delivered food it wasn't too bad.

Friends and house/dog sitters Stephanie and Bladen are fantastic at caring for me but they have an awful relationship to food!  Being fitness conscious, food - to them - is simply to keep one's metabolism burning at a high rate.  So eating is just fuelling the fire and not for enjoyment.  They eat a lot but its usually boiled sweet potatoes, frozen green beans or broccoli, and meat cooked to death without any oil or fat.  Yuck.  I love them both and they've been so wonderful while I've been crashing their stay these past 2 weeks - but I'd love to be able to really cook for them and show them how real food should taste and be enjoyed!

MY nest on the bed - with MY bedtime carer ...........

The best time of the day right now is bedtime and early in the morning before getting out of bed.  Its the quiet time Miss Molly and I have together snuggled under the covers.  I can read my book or my favourite sites on the Internet while Molly twitches and makes little barking noises while playing in her dream park or on her dream beach.   Its this I will miss the most when I leave to join Captain G lovely dog.  Only other pet owners/lovers will understand how much these bundles of unconditional love mean and how much they add to your feeling of wellbeing.  No wonder science is finding out more and more about the sheer healing properties of our 4 pawed friends.
There you have it....MY world at the moment.

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  1. Wish I was still up the street from you! I have bags of frozen homemade tamales and spanikopita, to say nothing of quarts of homemade sketti sauce. I know you are chomping at the bit to get back under sail, but if you go at it too soon it won't heal and you will still be in pain.