Saturday, 11 May 2013

Confirmation, Sydney, home, and hospitals

We're back in Sydney....arrived last night about 8:30 after a 3 hour drive in a small rental car from Port Stephens.

Yesterday, Friday, we visited the x-ray office and then went over to the medical centre in time for my 2:15 appt.  Mr G and I were both very quiet during the morning just going through the motions of getting ready.  I was trying very hard to keep a positive non-worried face on and remain cheery while he was keeping a stoic demeanour.  Both of us were thinking hard about the possible outcome of the doctor visit.  Hoping all the while this foot problem is just a bad sprain and not a break. 

At the x-ray office - FYI this is a small holiday town and x-ray facilities are on the other side of town...not near the hospital/medical centre - the young woman called me in to the machine room.  While helping me get ready for the x-ray she asked what I did to my foot.  I explained what happened and said this was my husband's dream sailing we were hoping it was just a sprain.  She took the pictures and asked me to wait while she checked them.  Her face was, unfortunately, very transparent when she came back in to tell me it was OK to wait in the front until the report.   "Its broken isn't it", I asked.  "Yes, you've done a good job of it", she said.  "Its broken in two places and you may need surgery but the doctor will tell you more."  That bad news didn't need words again as I hobbled on crutches to the waiting room, Mr G could read my face as well.

The doctor confirmed everything, put a cast on my leg, told me to absolutely not put any weight on it and said we should go to Newcastle or back to Sydney as quickly as possible to see an Orthopaedic specialist.  It was already well after 3pm and I was all for waiting to drive back in the morning but Mr G said I had to go to the doctor quickly (never mind it had already been 2 days).  So we called for a rental car - which would be delivered directly to the marina - and went back to close up the boat, pack a bag for me and get ready to go.

Boats are hard things to leave - especially if you've moved on to them and they're your home.  As you walk away there are so many things to consider....will she be safe without us, the weather, the berth, the gas, are all the openings closed, etc. etc.  So it was with us.  We had to move quickly - the hire car would be there in an hour - but I couldn't do anything but sit in the cockpit and shout down to Mr G things to pack and do.  Usually he gets the shits if I tell him what to do too much....but this time we were working in team mode.

The car arrived right on time.  G went ahead of me to meet the man and I hobbled the distance across the marina on my crutches one more time.  There's something just not right about a woman on crutches and a marina full of happy boating types.  The image doesn't fit.

Of course I had to endure one more painful experience to my pride, dignity and body.  I decided to go to the loo before getting in the car and took myself - unescorted - up the tile ramp to the toilet block.  The tiles were wet and my crutches went out from under me as if they were ice skating with me falling hard.  About 5 men, beers still clutched in their hands, came running to see what the commotion was only to find me splayed all over the ramp.  Right behind them was my knight in shining armour, Mr G, who quickly stood me up, righted me and helped me get in the door.  Shit Shit more pain please!

The drive to Sydney was quiet.  We arrived home with Stephanie and Bladen out for the evening and promptly went for the wine rack after lots of pats and cuddles for Molly.  Surprisingly we had left a few bottles behind.   We drank a few glasses and went off to bed knowing that a visit to emergency at Royal North Shore awaited us in the morning.

We were in the waiting room at RNS by 8:30 and taken into wait to see a doctor.  Amazingly there wasn't anyone there.  We saw the young intern who called for a specialist and said it could be a 2-3 hour wait.  So Mr G left and I broke out my new book.  One thing I am certainly grateful for is our hospital and health system here in Australia.  The professionals and surroundings in both a small place like Nelson Bay and a big public hospital in Sydney were all very good and very caring.  The media always puts its focus on the negative elements or the occasional accidents which makes those who aren't unfortunate enough to have to use them think there are nothing but problems.  I can honestly say we have/I have had the best of care and treatment through this little foot challenge.

Anyway the outcome is this.....the specialist thinks the breaks will heal without surgery but I have to not walk on my foot AT ALL for 4 weeks.  I have to go back to the Orthopaedic dept next Wednesday and they will x-ray it again to see if any mending has started...or it could yet be surgery.  Mr G is going back to the boat tomorrow and will sail it to Queensland...he'll either stay up there or come back and we'll go back up together in 4-5 weeks.  We are both determined to not let this stop the trip...just delay it for a short time.

Here I sit with my cast wrapped leg for the next wee while.  Damn...but I'm so grateful it wasn't anything more serious.


  1. Well that effing sucks! If it's any consolation, I heard two other women today badmouthing flip flops and one said she'd gotten a strain just walking on the beach in her new pair. :(

    ((((Gail)))) just take a deep breath & do a restart :) it will be OK! You clearly demonstrated "off on the wrong foot" :(

    Let's get you some new Docksiders!

  2. Thanks...and an understatement about "the wrong foot"! When I do something I try to do it well...effing virgo mentality! YOU know what I'm talking about.