Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What is it about champagne?

Monday night was a lot of fun…too much fun I think when some of the things I said and did came rolling back to me.  I was invited to Christmas drinks hosted by my dear friend Suzi …  a wonderful woman, business innovation leader and fantastic coach.  Some of her closest supporters and colleagues came along too. 
The evening and conversation was easy to get into from the beginning    but the large glass of champagne that met me at the start – along with my empty stomach from a busy day – made it even easier to “get on a roll” so to speak.  And then the other 2 champagnes just added to my transformation.  What is it about champagne that releases you almost instantly from yourself…from any inhibitions you may have … and turns you (well me at least) into a happy and all too outgoing party machine (or so I think)?  And funny!  Goodness.  The bubbles had me loudly delivering one liners about Christmas turkeys and the challenges of recent retirement.  Groan.  Apologies to all.
Also my wonderful girlfriend Deb - that I love so much but for some reason don’t see very often – was there.   As soon as she and her husband walked through the door we were locked in one on one conversation.  I feel a bit guilty today that we didn’t talk much to anyone else … but not really … we laughed and laughed and had a great time.   And there were funny hats ....


The best laugh came from talking about the M word – Menopause.  Isn’t it funny that as soon as men hear that word they quickly find someone else to talk to?   I remember a card I almost bought for a friend.  It said, “I AM WOMAN” in big letters on the front and then inside, “OPEN A FREAKING WINDOW!”  Deb and I talked about the awful hot flashes and the other ways your body betrays you every day…… Like never ever standing up to sneeze if you can help it … because your bladder will, without warning, give up on doing its job. 
We also talked about the anxiety and the resentment that suddenly overtakes you and the sometimes murderous thoughts you have about those you love…especially the husband.  I can happily say that “Pookie” (my internet shy husband) made it through my M word journey unharmed - physically at least.  As two women who are in both the professional world and the homemaker world, or in my case, taking a break from a job (retirement) at the moment, we talked about how women just endure this stuff.  All dressed up, professional; handling whatever work – or family – throws at them with expected poise and demeanour…when actually they want to kill someone.  I am constantly in awe of women and what they can achieve ….  But why don’t we talk about it more?
As I left - hugging Suzi and her husband way too many times – Suzi told me to text her that I got home OK…she was afraid I would kiss the taxi driver!  Well I wasn’t that drunk!  But I did give the driver a big tip and he told me he loved me.  All in all a great night!!!

Check out Suzi’s website – ROAR - if you or someone you know is interested in development either personally or for their organisation.  They do a terrific job.

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