Friday, 21 December 2012


Last night I was the blood bank…a fast food outlet … and Woolies all rolled into one for a squadron of blood sucking mosquitos!  I’m happy for them; they must all be lying under a tree with bulging stomachs taking the day off.

My body doesn’t deal well with mosquito bites.  I get welts instead of just an itchy red place that hang around and itch like crazy for days and days.  Mozzies don't seem to care for my husband ... they make a bee line to me and don't bother him at all.

Because of this – in the summertime – we sleep under a big mozzie net tent.  I did have one of those automatic spray things but felt like it wasn’t good to sleep in a bug spray mist…can’t be good for you.  Molly likes the tent.   I think it makes her feel cosy.


Sleeping under the tent has its problems which is why I was a one woman picnic last night. 

The main problem is it restricts air flow… not much but just enough to cause problems for Mr.  G.  NOTE:  Mr. G is the person formally – in this blog – known as “Pookie”, my internet paranoid husband.   There have been comments so I’ll refer to him as Mr. G from now on.

 Problem #1 is it gets hot.  The ceiling fan has to be turned up really high to get the air flowing enough to make Mr. G not feel like a furnace.  Also I’m a hugger/spooner when I sleep which means he’s always waking up telling me to “move over” which wakes me up and makes us both cranky.

 Problem #2 is it doesn’t let the air escape quickly…and this is my problem.  Mr. G has the unique ability to fart – and I mean a big enthusiastic one – in his sleep.  These can be quite odorous and they don’t disperse quickly.  So if the sound doesn’t wake me up the smell does.  This is why I was dinner for mozzies last night.  I woke up to an unpleasant (I’m being kind here) odor and quickly pulled the side of the tent apart to get some oxygen.  Then I unfortunately fell back asleep and didn’t wake up until I had lost about a pint of blood and was itching like crazy.

No beans for dinner tonight.

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  1. I get welts from the striped Asian Tiger mosquitoes that arrived here some 15-20 years ago, but not the old fashioned black ones. I wonder if these are the ones that are eating you. Do you have window screens? I can't imagine enough of them getting in the house to need a tent, but I empathize with the welts. I have to use a high-test steroid on my bites :(