Friday, 21 June 2013

No More Crutches!!!!

Don't need them any more!
Yesterday my lovely friend Sarah drove me back to the bone doctor - Thank you so much Sarah!   I was hoping for the best - but kind of expecting another, "it needs 3 more weeks", conversation.  Not so.  The doctor had a look at my x-rays and said there was good bone growth so far.  I'm not completely healed but it's all happening the way it should.

Then he leaned back in his chair and said the magic words, "I'm OK with you going back to your boat."

"Whoopee!" I shouted and waived my arms around in his office not worrying one little bit about being seen as slightly eccentric and/or just plain nuts.

"You can start to put some weight on the foot but you must still be careful and wear the boot whenever you are walking around.  On the boat and at home you can start to wear a shoe but don't push it.  Complete healing will still take weeks.  No jumping, no running.....and, you can leave the crutches here!"

Love.  That.  Doctor.

Tomorrow I'm on an airplane bound for Rockhampton.  I'll get to see and be with my Captain G when he picks me up at the airport.  Heaven.  It will take another 45 minutes before we arrive at the marina in Rosslyn Bay and I get to see the lovely Southern Belle boat again.  Double Heaven.

Our great friends Megan and Brian live in Yeppoon so we'll spend the weekend at their house and take it easy next week before deciding when to move north again.

I'm very happy.....guess you can tell.

Thanks to Stephanie, Bladen and Molly for being my house carers and to all my friends who have been so wonderful to take me places, visit me, drink wine with me and generally ensure these past 6 weeks have been so manageable and downright enjoyable in places!  Love you all!

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  1. Hooray! Now keep minding the doctor's instructions and don't overdo it and you will be fine :) Looking forward to some real pics and not just internet selections.