Saturday, 8 June 2013

New Baby Arrives and An Afternoon out on the town!

First of all, a BIG congratulations to Pip and Kate on the birth of their Beautiful daughter Lillian Mary-Jayne Adams!!!!  She arrived in this world yesterday at 3:52pm and is a wonderful bundle of joy.  I'm looking forward to meeting her and, hopefully, being the "cool" old lady in her life!  I said I wanted to be her neat crazy Auntie ... but they said they wanted me to be an honorary Grandma!  WOW that would be an honour!  Love. Love. Love... and Joy to you 3.  Can't wait to see you.  (Pictures coming soon.)

Now, for more on me and Foot 'n Boot...and Captain G later.   We (the foot in boot and me) had an outing yesterday and it was soooooo good to get out of the house for a change. 

If you've ever been sick or injured or house bound you know how the days become the same...1. Get up, wash face, make cup of tea.  2. Sit in front of TV and, within 10 minutes, despair at the content of daytime TV.  3.  Think about having some lunch and then decide its too much trouble.  4.  Have another cup of tea and read book or the Internet....or worse - waste hours on Pinterest!  5.  Take a nap.  6.  Yearn for 6pm and wine o'clock.  7.  Watch the 7 o'clock news and then some more TV.  8.  Go to bed exhausted and wonder why you can't get to sleep.

So you can imagine how excited I was to be going out for LUNCH!

Spanish Food Restaurant North Sydney

My two Jenny friends had organised a table at a little Spanish Tapas restaurant, wine bar, deli on Blues Point Rd.  And on a stunning Autumn day it was perfect.

We had a table outside and enjoyed several glasses of completely agreeable wine and some mighty fine conversation. 

I may have said this before, but I LOVE the company of women.  Don't get me wrong, I love the company of men too, but there's something about a good few hours being with and talking to other women that's just plain good for the soul.  Even if the conversation is silly or just about general "stuff" - it doesn't need to be deep - its just delightful.

The 'Jennys' and me.

The area we were in was particularly pleasing.  After lunch, as I sat parked on a bench waiting for Jenny to get the car, I noticed how lovely the Blues Point Road area is.  It reminded me of my BFF Jae's area of Atlanta ... called North Highland ... or maybe some parts of how I would imagine San Francisco.

Waiting for my ride. 
Lovely Blues Pt Road shops and restaurants - the road leads right down to the north side of Sydney Harbour and a terrific view of the Harbour Bridge.

Don't you just love little neighbourhood shops - so much more soul than supermarkets!

Jenny dropped me back at the house and today I still have a warm glow from the day out and lunch with good friends.  I am so grateful to have good friends and to live in such a lovely place.  Living with "food 'n boot" has certainly given me the opportunity to slow down and tune in.  Even though I'm missing Captain G a whole lot - and walking with crutches is a bitch -  I've still got heaps and heaps to be happy about.

Speaking of Captain G ... he's still in Mooloolaba and having a pretty good time himself.   Yesterday he lowered the dingy off the back of the boat and took an exploratory ride up the many canals and waterways of the area.  Queensland - like a lot of places on the ocean - has created lots of areas where more and more people can live "on the water".  So there are miles and miles of McMansions with little private jetties and associated shopping malls attached.

Mooloolaba canals with glass house mountains in the distance.

Captain G took his dingy and tied up to a public jetty to check out one of these malls.  He called me to tell me how HUGE it was ... he was gob smacked just standing in the entrance.  Turns out he didn't end up buying anything because the whole experience - and the crowds - were too overwhelming.  He high tailed it back to the boat and the local shop on the marina boardwalk!

Our friend Keith will fly up tomorrow (Sunday) to be crew for the next leg of the journey. They will have a great time I'm sure.

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