Thursday, 7 March 2013

Retirement....Ok, I admit it, this is so much better than working!

We are on the boat for a few days.  I think it was all the talk about planning the trip in earnest that sparked a real need for a 'mini' break.  Right now we're in our fav spot of Refuge Bay.  There are hardly any other boats here and the waterfall has a lot of water running.  My dear friend Donna D. called this waterfall the Fountain of Youth!....cause its so COLD.

Shows how much rain we've had - Refuge Bay waterfall is running well.

Its a magic Autumn day...temperature is around 27C and there's a nice breeze.  We sailed down here under head sail in about 8-10 knots of wind which was just enough to move nicely with no stress.  As we sat down to lunch and a cold beer I had a thought about my past life and, if I was still in the rat race, what I would be doing today - meetings, emails, phone calls, stressing about something - and a great feeling of relief washed over me.  Today, more than any day so far, I admit that retirement is much better than working!  We are very blessed to have the opportunity to spend our days like this - Thank You Universe.

Because we've had so much rain the water is a dirty brown colour - the colour of strong tea.  As we sailed down to this bay we passed an area where the Hawkesbury River collides with the ocean at the beginning of Broken Bay. The tide was running in which created a spectacular sight.  Mr G tried to take a photo of it...this is the best the camera could do....

The river meets the ocean - brown tide the the incoming ocean.

The most exciting element of this trip is our new wi-fi modum!!  For the first time - EVER - I can access the internet from here.  Normally we are in a black spot the whole time we're in the national park. 

A couple of weeks ago Mr G and I attended a communications seminar as part of a Coral Coast 2013 program at the Alfreds Yacht Club.  In the course the instructor gave the suggestion that, instead of an expensive satellite system, you can purchase a $79.00 wi-fi modum from Telstra (the major Australian phone company), add a cheap antennae and you'll get internet access in remote places.  Sure enough, It WORKS!  Being without internet for days on end - for me - is like having an arm immobilised!  No email, no blogging, no weather reports, no newspaper!  I am so thrilled with this new gadget!

Molly and Mr G are now snoring in the v-berth enjoying their afternoon nap.  I think its time for me to join them. 

Miss Molly enjoying the breeze - waiting for nap time.

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