Tuesday, 5 March 2013

FEAR be Damned!

I will be the first to admit that I'm not a confident or relaxed sailor.   Being on the boat is a lovely experience for me while sailing in a calm 15-18 knots of wind, or at anchor in a lovely little bay with a cold glass of wine in my hand.  However, bouncing along with the wind screaming in the rigging balanced precariously on the boat's side is not my most favourite thing.

In fact, to Mr G's exasperation, this is often my expression while under way...

"You said do WHAT?"  Not a pretty look!
Lots of people - friends, boat builder, acquaintances & Mr G - have asked "WHY?" did you want to build the beautiful and BIG Southern Belle if you didn't want to go sailing?  My reasons were sound -I thought - at the time...
  • Mr G is boat CRAZY.  Some kind of large boat ownership was/is inevitable while our marriage exists so I wanted to make sure I was on the best and safest boat we could afford.
  • If I had to endure the scary bits, as well as the fun bits, of sailing I wanted as much comfort as possible.
  • And finally, and probably the most compelling of my reasons, I wanted a boat that would have a good resell value for the day - way in the future - we will have to sell.
Southern Belle under way.

So now we have a beautiful sailing yacht that fulfils all those criteria.  And we have enjoyed countless days moored in lovely little bays.  But now, the grim reality of having such a seaworthy beauty is coming to haunt me.  I've delayed it as much as possible.  My protests no longer gain me any traction with family or friends.  I can avoid it no longer.  We are actually going on a long - I mean LONG - cruise out in the ocean and away from our - MY - home!

So I'm packing up my fear, locking it securely in an air tight container and storing it way back in the recesses of my mind with a warning its not to make an appearance again....unless absolutely required.

Planning and preparation starts in earnest this week.  We're about 7 - 8 weeks away from departure.  The trip should be - no WILL BE - a terrific experience!  We'll be travelling up the coast of Australia all the way to Cairns where the plan is to join a yacht rally going for 4 weeks out to the Louisiades Islands.  A chain of islands 100 nautical miles east of PNG.  I'm hoping our friend Catherine, from the Isle of Skye, will join us for this part of the adventure.  Miss Molly will stay at home - happily - while my friend Steph and her BF move in to be mom & dad during our cruise.

So, FEAR be DAMNED! I'm determined to do this and I'm going to enjoy it!  I keep picturing myself in this lagoon...again with a cold drink and a happy expression on my face (most of the time anyway).  I'll keep blogging about the cruise plan .. and during the trip... so stay with me (and encourage me). 


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  1. Somehow you need to get the wind in your veins. It's like auto racing. Scary as shit at times, but it's FUN to go fast and lean hard! Maybe this trip will have you hanging off the edge yelling Woot Hoot! Or should it be YEEEE HAWWWW!