Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Boomer home alone with her thoughts ... a 'sort of' rant

Mr. G got up this morning with a bee in his bonnet.  He HAD to go to the boat to do stuff.  Now "stuff" often consists of a bit of tinkering here and a bit there, a little lunch and a nice lie down on the gently rocking boat for extended nap time.  I am being dismissive here (sorry, Mr G).  He does a lot of maintenance on his boat alone days...things that I - thankfully - don't have to do.  Like oil changing, sanding and varnishing and general stuff like that.  Let me say right here and now...THANK YOU MR G!  And, just a little thanks for a day to myself as well...nice.

So, what to do.

I started out with the girlie upkeep things...did my nails, washed my hair, put on fake tan, etc., etc.  Duties that, at my age, seem all that more important because, with every job, you're working on holding back the years - as best as can be done.

Then I sat down to read my two favourite online resources... The Hoopla and Sydney Morning Herald.  Let me say, as loudly as possible, right here right now - I LOVE THE HOOPLA!!!!  If you haven't discovered it yet please do.  Here, let me give you the link right now... The Hoopla - Stay in the Loop .  Subscribe to the daily newsletter, for me it provides some kind of solace from the usual news crap instead of wanting to scream at the computer screen or TV.

In the constant barrage from the 24 hour news cycle these independent writers - mostly women - appear to me to be the only sane voice out there spruking the news.   Take today for example.  The morning programs --- especially Chanel 9's Today show, which is unashamedly pro Tony Abbott, and against the government - and the Murdoch papers --- were shouting about another "disastrous" poll for the government.  But The Hoopla's Corinne Grant wrote a marvellous common sense article in which the polls were just one of several areas in her Rage Index.   Her quote was the best I've ever read about political polls...

"Unless you decide who to vote for based on who other people vote for and not on what is best for you, there’s not much point paying polls any attention."

Amen.  Here's a link to the whole article Corinne Grant's Rage Index  and also, while I'm at it, here's another great article by her relating to our upcoming election in September Policy and Crap Guide

I didn't fare as well enjoying the Sydney Morning Herald.  Too much opinion about the Oscars.  Hey, it's a show celebrating Hollywood.  What do you expect... End of story.  Of course there were the obligatory stories about fallen sports start - which seems to be de rigueur these days.   And then articles about the opposition and what they will do when in power.  Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch.

I got hot under the collar when I read that Joe Hockey, Abbott's right hand attack dog (I can hardly stand to type either man's name...they are so despicable to me), has raised the possibility of compensating big companies for any costs if they are under way with refits to compensate for their carbon emissions. WTF!   Compensation for carbon refits.

Science, citizens and governments, all over the world, know that to ensure the Earth is sustainable for future generations we must make some changes to what we do NOW.   Even China is waking up to the fact that they can't keep building power plants with no regard for the environment.  So our illustrious opposition leaders can't wait to abolish the carbon tax - which is flawed but politically and environmentally a good start - and they're going to pay polluters to go back to the way they used to go about their business!  This is CRAZY!!!

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The future depends on what we do in the present."  Somebody - lots of somebodys - need to remind our political parties of this.

Enough ranting for one day.  Time for a cup of tea.

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