Wednesday, 25 June 2014

GRITS!!! - Southern Home Comfort

Piping hot American Grits with a nice pat of butter.  Yummmm.

When I was a week away from my foot operation my BFF in Atlanta, Jae, asked if she could do anything ... send a book, call, anything.  The very best I could think of, which I'd been craving since the weather turned cooler here, was a nice bag of southern Grits.  So she sent me a big bag, bless her.  It took forever to arrive - about 5 or 6 weeks.  I was convinced the Australian authorities had confiscated it wondering what matter of food stuff this white meal could actually be.

If you haven't tasted the glorious warmth of a bowl of grits or, like most of Australians, have never heard of them let me fill you in on why they're so special.  First of all when you come from the southern states of the USA grits are THE breakfast food.  Hot and steamy on a cold winter's morning they're sure to fill you up and keep you going well into the day.  Grits are just a hot corn mush - much like polenta.  Not only do Southerners eat grits for breakfast with eggs or bacon or with grated cheese ... I had a bowl of cheese grits this morning, lovely! ... but they also have them as a side dish with shrimp or ham or really, you name it.

Unfortunately, like porridge, one has to be raised on grits from an early age to truly "get" the deliciousness.  Here in this house George and I have a battle for our own "ethinic" foods.  He LOVES his porridge.  I HATE porridge.  To me it taste like slime, no matter what you add to it to hide the taste.  George in equal measure HATES grits.  The one time I browbeat him into just trying it he bolted out the back door and spit it out.  Which means breakfast during the week is a solitary affair. 

Thank you Jae for the big bag of Southern Comfort!  I'm loving it.

In other news the foot is healing very slowly and very painfully.  When I had the stitches out I expected to go into a boot for another 5 weeks and be able to walk a bit.  But the doctor disappointed me by putting my foot in another cast for 5 weeks!  The cast means I'm very immobile with the exception of the knee walker - great invention.   The time is passing slowly.  I've already read 2 books and watched a good bit of pay TV movies.  I can't stand daytime TV .. it is mind numbing.

George has been good to get me out of the house as much as possible.  Last weekend was a hoot.  I knew he was getting desperate to get on the boat so we decided to take Southern Belle along side at the yacht club and have dinner there on Friday night with our friends Peter and Sue.  Getting on the boat from the marina dock was tricky - and at one point as I was struggling off Peter asked if it was worth it!  But we had a good time with good friends and it was wonderful to be out of the house.

Me on the knee scooter headed down the long deck at the yacht club to our boat.
George and Molly way ahead of me.  Our boat was tied up at the very end of this arm and even with the knee scooter it was a long trip down to the end!

Then on Sunday we went to the Sydney Fish Market to grab some seafood for a few night's dinner.  The crowd there made getting around a bit challenging but it was worth it.  You can really see from the pictures that Australia is very much a part of Asia.    The Fish Market is always a good morning out for coffee, people watching and buying some spectacular fish!

The view from the café while waiting for our coffee.
Just one of the many stacks of fresh seafood.
George not too happy about having his picture taken!
And a run in a Harbour side park for Molly before heading home.
Life is good.

This week has been slow.  The weather which has been unseasonably warm and sunny turned very cold and windy yesterday which means Molly and I spend our house bound hours in front of the fire with multiple cups of tea and a good book.  George has been working most mornings but makes it back home around lunch time to take Molly out for her run. 

I'm looking for a day when George has an all day job for my friend and hairdresser, Robin, to come over.  She's offered to take Molly for a walk and I'm looking forward to sharing some champagne and good conversation.  I've also got lunch with Jenny on Friday.  So all in all this foot repair is not too bad.

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