Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Back on that familiar road - To Recovery

The road pictured here isn't exactly the road to recovery mentioned in the heading, it just happens to be a better picture to start out with than one of my leg in a cast - again.   I took this photo almost a month ago and hoped to get a good shot of the flaming amber tree in its full red and yellow glory.  It didn't come out like I'd hoped but you can use your imagination to recreate how spectacular it looked against the deep blue of the sky!

This is more what my current road to recovery surroundings look like.....

The accoutrements of major foot surgery ... knee scooter (fabulous invention!), bag of pills, book, Foxtel cable TV, glasses, phones, and loyal dog. 

Oh, and the syringe container and loaded needles are the yellow bits on the table as well.  They represented the biggest shock of my hospital discharge!  As I was getting ready to leave the hospital - George had been phoned and was on the way to pick me up -  this lovely young nurse with an even younger trainee nurse in tow came in to my room and asked me to sit down on the bed.  She had a tray with her, and I could see a needle in it - cue ominous thoughts. 

With a smile on her face she began by saying, "I understand your doctor has informed you that you will need to administer an injection into your stomach every morning for the next 2 weeks".

"WHAT??  No, sorry no one told me about this and I can't give myself a shot in my stomach!  Can't someone else do it or can I just take a pill?"

Both were looking a little surprised and a bit rattled .. and then she replied, "Oh, I'm sorry no one told you but the doctor has prescribed it to prevent blood clots and you'll have to do it - or get someone else at home to administer for you."

Suddenly I pictured George sitting beside me in our Sea Safety and First Aid course practicing giving an injection to an orange.  Instead of a steady even approach he gleefully stabbed at it with force.  That picture in my mind convinced me if it had to be done then it was going to have to be me.  So far I've managed.  9:30 am every morning I get myself ready and get it done but I still haven't gotten over the sense of dread before the deed.  Eck.  

Now, almost a year to the date I'm home with my foot immobile again.  My foot is encased in a three quarter back slab cast with lots of gauzy wrapping tight .. all the way up to my knee.  The surgery was pretty major, and I won't even get a look at the foot until June 11 when I go to get the stitches out.  There hasn't been too much pain but my foot and leg feel really weird ... sort of a half feeling and half tingling ... like its swelling inside the cast with no where to go.

Tomorrow it will have been a week since the operation.  I was told no weight bearing for 6 weeks and now - as of tomorrow - that's one week down and 5 more to go.  I'm grateful for the doctor and the hospital ... so far it seems like they did a good job.  But day to day I'm very very grateful for the friends who've called, Facebooked (is that a word?), sent texts and come to see me.  And most importantly for my lovely George.  He's being an excellent care giver!  And for Molly who is with me constantly, wherever I go she's there making sure I get from one place to the other and then just laying down near me to keep watch.  I'm a blessed woman.

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