Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sitting on a Nail

A few weeks ago a Facebook friend of mine, Lauren McDonald, shared this parable ....

A man walked past a dog that was sitting on a porch. 
 The dog was moaning and groaning and making a lot of noise so the man walked over to the dog.
Just then the dogs owner appeared. The man asked the dogs owner...

"Why is your dog moaning and groaning?"
The owner replied,
"because he's sitting on a nail".
 The man laughed and said,
"why doesn't he just get off the nail?"
The owner replied,
"because it doesn't hurt bad enough to get up, it only hurts enough to moan and groan about it"
She finished it by saying, "Get what I'm saying? This is the reality most people live when it comes to not liking their situation and WANTING to change. They just bitch and moan about it without actually doing something about it.  Don't be that person. Either get rid of the nail or MOVE!"

It hit home with me.  I loved the message and it came, like so many things, right at the best time to touch my 'get moving' button.  So I thought I'd share the parable around .. now you (yes YOU!), like me, can stop procrastinating.

And Speaking of Dogs....

Don't you wish sometimes you knew what goes on inside dogs heads!  This for instance ...

We have a very large and ancient camellia bush which is as big as a tree in our backyard.  It's a joy most of the time except right now - this time of year.  Every year beginning mid to late April it flowers presenting us with a backdoor vista of lovely pink and variegated blooms. 

BUT it drops all those petals on our paved paths and back porch steps making a slick, sticky and, if left to sit on the pavers, black mess staining the bricks.  The flowers fall thick and fast some days thanks to the birds - including loudly squawking parrots - voraciously ripping the blooms to get to the - apparently - delicious nectar.

So we have to sweep up the pink carpet - everyday - to try and keep from sliding on the residue.  Yesterday I spent a good 45 minutes sweeping up what was a considerable pile of flowers left there over the weekend while we were on the boat.  The whole time I worked on the mess the parrots were sitting in the branches mocking me - and consistently adding to my work.  Molly took exception and tried to bark them away but they paid no mind.  Safe high in the branches they mocked us both.

Then, when finished, Molly did this ....

I watched her do it and she deliberately did the whole turning in a circle doggie thing finding just the right place to sit down and mess my pile up.  What was she thinking?   Wish I knew .. it would be fascinating.

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