Tuesday, 11 March 2014

One of my favourite places

'Southern Belle' as seen from the campground at Coasters Retreat - also known as The Basin - in Pittwater.

We're back.  Arrived home yesterday after a lovely few days on the boat with just the 3 of us in the beautiful Broken Bay National Park/Wilderness Area including Pittwater.  For more information Click Here.

I've talked about this area a lot in this blog because it's always been one of my favourite places - ever - in the world.  And now, even since the big trip up the eastern Australian coast and out through the Coral Sea and the Louisiade Islands, this beautiful part of Sydney still inspires a sense of awe and grandeur whenever I spend time living amongst its beauty.

I love the peacefulness of the place ... the majesty of its size and the rugged and seemingly impenetrable wild terrain on its shores.  I love the waterways that bend around corners to reveal hidden bays with untouched beaches halfway uncovered by the tide or opening out to a broad inviting seaway with other boats sailing or fishing or underway to another destination.  I'm fascinated by the fish and bird life that appears, surprises you and then moves rapidly away as if they never existed ... like the stingrays and fish at low tide or the birds of prey with their shrill calling as they circle above looking for their supper.

Well .. you get the picture.  This is a place where you can have adventure, quiet times, social fun or just soothe your soul.  We did all of the usual while away there - eat, drink, read, go ashore and throw the Frisbee for Molly as well as just sit on the back of the boat and stare up at the stars.  Lovely!  So here are a few pictures I took while there. 


Wish you were here too!

Broken Bay - Yeomans Bay from the beach (sand and mud flat) about to be revealed at low tide.

George, Molly and Frisbee on the bit of beach exposed. 
Molly would do this until she dropped dead I think.

Wet, happy dog on the way back to the boat.
Broken Bay - Looking down towards the little township of Cottage Point. 
Nice little restaurant and good coffee and muffin stop in the morning.

Deep in the Broken Bay park - looking towards the inlet of Jerusalem Bay. 

Pittwater, the Basin campgrounds - Wallaby and the walking track signposts. 
Pittwater looking back at the entrance from the ocean (off to the right out of the photo)
 and Lion Island - named because it looks like a lion laying down.
This view is on the way to our permanent mooring in Pittwater!  We are so blessed!

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