Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rain, Boat Repairs and the Price of Socks

Someone would rather play in the house or on the porch than get their paws wet.  '
Can't blame her I guess - I don't like wet feet either.
This morning started out slow.  As my husband was making the tea - in a not-so-quiet way - I was trying to pull myself out of a deep altruistic dream.  In my dream I had just landed a job with the RSPCA and, in shades of my past marketing glory, I was already asking to see their communications plan on dog rescue saying, with great authoritarian certainty, that this was the area we should focus on.  Well, duh, of course that's the issue they focus on!

Anyway I dragged myself out of the dream and crawled out of bed.  No tea made for me by the way! 

The weather was overcast with ominous major thunderstorm and rain event warnings due to start in the early afternoon.  Of course just the day for George to decide to go to the boat and do some upkeep work.  Our companionway steps are in need of sanding and re-varnishing after living on the boat for over half the year so he decides today is the day to go get them off.  The steps are heavy and very awkward and really a 2 person job.  Also, he planned to rub the companionway down with sandpaper and give it a coat of varnish before coming home.  That way it will be ready when the steps go back in.

My ultimatum at 7:45am was, "I'm going.  It will be nice to have some help but if you want to stay here...".  How could I refuse?  Oh and, "We'll go to Sam's on the way to grab a coffee".   In answer to my silent eye roll about not having a morning cup of tea.

So off the 3 of us go.  Up to the boat, launch the dingy, out to the mooring, unscrew and then wrestle the steps out of the companionway and into the cockpit and next .... he forgot the sandpaper.  And with the clouds becoming darker we decide to take the steps and come back home.  Good decision since the sky opened up not long after we loaded everything in the car for our trip back home.

Sanding underway. 
One thing I can say for my Captain is he is very very good at working with wood.
 The steps will be beautiful when he's finished.
The washing machine off the boat is home as well - not yet repaired but waiting for inspiration.

The Price of Socks
While putting on my socks and shoes this morning I proudly announced to George I had bought new socks at Woolworth's grocery for $2.00 a pair!  Being Scottish and always looking for ways to save I thought George would be amazed and congratulate me on such a canny deal. 

Instead he looked me in the eye and said, "What country's slave labour did they come from?" 

Gosh, I hadn't given anything but the price a thought.  Unfortunately its true we in the "developed" world take so much for granted and don't even think about the people slaving in adverse conditions for a cent or two a day just so we can have cheap stuff.   I promised myself then to be more mindful of where my "stuff" comes from.   Can't say I'll not wear my bargains - they'll probably disintegrate in the wash anyway - but I won't buy them again unless I know how they're made.  Best to stick with Australian made if I can find any socks made locally!

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