Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Slam Poetry on 'Upworthy'

I don't know if everyone gets the site 'Upworthy' on their Facebook feed.  From the look of it and the number of "likes" I would think its pretty widespread.

Facebook can, at the best of times, be an unbelievable time waster and at the same time a great way to keep a little in touch with people you know.  I must admit I love Facebook.  It took me a long time to get with it but I do appreciate the way I can witness a bit of the people's lives I care for or have enjoyed the company of at some point. 

Then add 'Upworthy' and, for me anyway, it becomes completely addictive ... time slips away in rather large chunks.  I looked up some information about the site and found it described as "dedicated to publicising progressive narratives".  It was also described in another reference as "lily-white earnestness".  I guess.  Being a self proclaimed tree hugger myself I can understand why it appeals to me.  I have a good bit of affection for earnestness and all its synonyms.

Through 'Upworthy' I've been impressed and now hooked on the Slam Poetry presented by young women.  Until seeing these stand up performance poetry sessions on line I must confess I wasn't aware of Slam Poetry.  Now that I am I'm wasting even more time on websites like ButtonPoetry on Utube.

Have a look if you haven't already.  Here are some of my favourites.

Shrinking Women by Lily Myers - here Shrinking Women
What Guys Look for in Girls by Savannah Brown - here Ever think?
Khalessi by Tonya Ingram and Vanessa Marco - here To the men who mistreated

Hope you enjoy! 

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