Friday, 10 January 2014

An Evening with "The Adams Family" (cue music)

Champagne on arrival with the wonderful Adamses!
This Adams family are not creepy ... but maybe a little bit kookie (as the music goes in the former - and very old, but very good TV series).  They are our friends who live on North Stradbroke Island. 

We travelled to the ferry late yesterday afternoon and then spent last night on the island.

As seems to be the norm with "The Captain" and me, we did have a bit of an adventure getting there.  I looked up the address for the ferry on line, wrote it down and - now that we know how to do it - we plugged it into the trusty GPS in the rental car.  To make a long story - and an even longer drive - as short as possible I had 'googled' the wrong address/ferry line and we went about 30 minutes out of our way.  And missed the 4:25pm ferry.  There was a teeny bit of shouting and recrimination but we found our way to the right terminal for the next ferry at 5:25pm.

I dropped the injured/still uncomfortable captain off at the ferry terminal with the bags while I drove around searching for a parking place.  Doesn't he look happy?!?

The spectacular view from the Adams' back yard over Morton Bay.  They live in a little cottage way on top of the main hill in Dunwich ... the primary settlement on North Stradbroke Island.  The sunset was a Killer!

A fun night - full of love and laughs - was had by everyone.  I'm still (I think its we're but he's not as vocal as me) completely smitten by little Lillian and found it really hard to leave this morning.

I LOVE this photo of George with Lillian!

Lilli having a good time with her food!  I was feeding her and, at one point while looking like this over most of her body, she raised her arms to be picked up.  In spite of my affection I said, "there is absolutely no way I'm coming any nearer to you than spoon length!".  Forget it.
The good news is the fires are pretty much in control on the island.  You could still smell smoke, the SES (state emergency services) people were there in force but the helicopters stopped water bombing about 7:00pm last night.

Some of the tired volunteer fire people boarding the ferry on the way back to the mainland this morning.

Tomorrow morning at 0700, the Captain and I start our journey to Southport through the Broadwater.  It's going to be a bit hairy due to shallow water and confusing beacons but this time tomorrow night we should be about half way there.

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