Saturday, 20 April 2013

Disappearing up my own butt!

At various stages in my life I've been told I'm 'anal'.  I looked the term up this morning and, apart from the obvious mention of the body part, there is reference to an "anal characteristic".   The dictionary describes this characteristic as, amongst other things, meticulous.  Taking that further I looked up meticulous and found its defined as taking or showing extreme care about minute details...and then....  Well, I think you get the picture!

So its with these characteristics that I approached the planning and preparation stage of our little cruise north.  In the past week I have...
  • Filled all prescriptions for antibiotics, pain killers, etc. 
  • Separately boxed the prescription medicines from the over the counter things like aspirin and then organised the general stuff like bandages, tweezers, and other "stuff". 
  • Labelled and numbered each box.
  • Prepared a chart naming each medication, how its to be administered, the box its located in and documented any possible side effects.
Here's the chart.  Impressive don't you think? (Although the picture didn't turn out that well.)  I didn't actually develop the chart...I copied it from one handed out at one of our seminars.

Next I've organised the navigational charts.  Mr G had them all - and there's a lot of them - spread out on the spare bed...for weeks.  He was planning on rolling them up and writing on the outside what they were and what was covered.  Not good enough!  I found plastic envelopes that fit the folded charts perfectly so I labelled each chart and then arranged them in order of use as we travel up the coast.  I plan on labelling each envelope with the charts inside.  I've also purchased every recommended cruising guide on the area!  My handiwork....

Yesterday Mr G and our friend John, who is a brilliant electrician, finished installing the new inverter so we can have toasters and electric kettles and hairdryers while not in a marina.   And, next week, we're having a wi-fi data box installed to ensure Internet coverage at least up the coast of Australia.  We're also having a representative from the club do a safety inspection of the boat and the gear so we can obtain a NSW safety certificate/sticker.

There's a lot to this going away on a boat for 7 months!

Next week I'm focusing on cooking some soups and casseroles for the new cryovac machine and freezer.   Not sure how much will get done today though.  Its pouring rain and pretty cold outside...perfect for snuggling on the sofa with Mr G and Miss Molly and watching a movie or two.


  1. Have a great time! I knew the term anal but now checking 'cryovac'! x

  2. The cryovac stuff goes in the freezer?

    We Virgos are SO good at this organizing stuff!